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Shipping policy

We offer In-Store Pick-Up on all orders.  All online orders will be fulfilled and held in the store for pick up. 


If you would like Smith + Trade Mercantile to ship your products, please contact us at [email protected]

Please provide shipping instructions by contact us at [email protected] and provide shipping instructions such as:

1. Your Online purchase information- confirmation and date of purchase

2. Address item should be shipped to

3. A  valid phone number we can reach you for shipping costs

4. An email that we can send you the shipping confirmation and tracking # to.


If you would like to have your item paid on delivery, please provide the shipping information by emailing [email protected] and follow instruction from #1-#4.


Smith + Trade Mercantile and any of its staff and owners are not held responsible for any shipping issues made by any shipping providers. 

Smith + Trade Mercantile is not responsible for any damage made to your product or for shipping your products to any destination in and outside of the US.